Rosi Pratts

P&G Always#LikeAgirl-Unstoppable


P&G Always #LikeAgirl-Unstoppable campaign has a very powerful message for women of all ages. Watching this video reminded me of Gabriella, our niece.  She is “unstoppable” even though she is only 3 and I hope she continues to be like that all her life.  Gabriella hasn’t heard yet the words…”you can’t do that because you are girl”   and we hope she never does.  Instead, we want her to hear words of encouragement and love.

I also watched the women’s soccer match on Sunday and I wondered if any of the USA Women’ Soccer Team that recently won the World Cup have heard those  diminishing words when they were growing up?  Probably,  they did but last Sunday, they showed us a lot of self-confidence and team effort.  A great example for Gabriella!!

Sunday’s game shattered viewing records for soccer in the USA-played by men or women, according to preliminary numbers Fox released Monday morning but it was also noted that the women’s championship team won a $2 million-a fraction of what the men’s winners get.  There still work to be done on Equal Pay and Compensation.

It’s not a time to quit.